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RoamMania : a new travel destination

After some two months, I am posting again. Friends I am here with my own site RoamMania---travel | Food | Photography. Please click the link below to reach me there : To have a virtual tour to Mawlynnong, a tiny khasi village plese click the link below : I am waiting  for my… Continue reading RoamMania : a new travel destination

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Meghalaya Part-II, Mawsynram and Mawphlang

After exploring Cherrapunji, one thing is clear to me. The people of Meghalaya are madly in love with the game named Football.Football grounds of different sizes can be seen frequently, each car has either Manchester United or Chelsa or any other club flag replicas as their decorative hangings, even a house with a big football… Continue reading Meghalaya Part-II, Mawsynram and Mawphlang