Mutton Scrutiny

Mutton Scrutiny is an especial delight for my dear fellow colleagues. I know checking and scrutinising exam copies is more than boring, sometimes depressing, too. I tried to churn fun out of this mechanical obligation for my friends. This recipe will engross you so much in cooking that you won’t find time to feel depressed or bore. So, let’s start our game to feel rejuvenated.IMG_6352 (2).JPG


Mutton – 1.5 Kg.

Curd – 200 gm (strained in a strainer)

Onion – 5 big pieces.

Garlic – 12 cloves.

Ginger – 2.5 ” cut into small pieces.

Tomato -3 pieces (300 gms cut into small pieces).

Dry Red Chilly Whole – 2 pieces.

Turmeric powder – 4 teaspoon full.

Red chilli powder – 1 tsp.

Kashmiri Lal Mirchi powder – 3 tbsp.

Garam Masala- 1tsp.

Salt, Sugar and Mustard Oil as required.

Scrutiny Masala

  1. Prepare Garlic Ginger Paste.
  2. Cut 2 big onions finely, then fry in oil. Take out the onions when these are brown, don’t over fry or crispy. Make a paste of these fried onions.
  3. Make a paste of 1 big onion and one tomato.

Mutton marination

Wash the mutton pieces and put them in a strainer to get it dry. Marinate it with hung curd, 2 onion finely cut and 1 tsp salt. If you have still many copies to scrutiny and you are in a hurry, marinate it for 30 mins. Otherwise, 1 hour marination is perfect for better taste.

How to cook

  1. Heat oil in a Kadai. Put the g-g paste and sauté on low flame till the oil separates.
  2. Now add the onion-tomato paste and sauté till the masala paste is well fried.
  3. Then put the marinated mutton along with all masala in the Kadai, add turmeric, salt, sugar (2 tsp), red chilli powder, Kashmiri Mirch powder and mix well with a cooking spud.
  4. Sauté for 15 minutes in medium flame till all the masala are mixed well and oil separates.
  5. Add Garam Masala and mix well.
  6. Now put the whole mix in a pressure cooker, add warm water 2 cups.
  7. Then add the fried onion paste and mix within cooker with a spud.
  8. One whistle in full flame, then the second whistle in the lowest flame.

Mutton Scrutiny tastes best with white rice, you can try it with chapatti, too.IMG_6349.JPG

Note:  Remember this recipe is a balance of hot, sour and salted taste, so before closing the lid you may taste it and can add mirch powder or salt whatever is required. This is called real scrutiny.

If you like potato, you can easily add it. Take small potatoes whole and boil them. Then de-skin. Heat oil in a frying pan, add 2 tb sp sugar, let it melt. Fry the potatoes in this caramelised sugar. Sprinkle a pinch of turmeric and salt while frying, it will give the potatoes a rich look.

So, happy cooking and healthy eating.



Soya Chop

​An evening with heavy downpour outside has something common with a chilly winter evening. Both of them create an urge for ghost stories accompanied with Muri ( puffed rice) and Telebhaja (deep fried chop). My 9 years old son feels so adventurous on such evenings that he willfully switches off the lights of the room and prefers to have his evening snacks by the candle light. On such an evening my father threw a challenge to me, ” Can you make something lip-smacking out of the tasteless Soyabean?” I have tried Soya Chop from our local Snacks Corner. But this time I thought of preparing it at home in my own style. So, here is my own recipe for the Soya Chop.

Ingredients :

Soya Chunks (medium) — 200 gm.
Potato (boiled) — 2 whole.

Onion- Garlic- Ginger Paste — 5 tbsp.

Tomato — 2 Whole

Green Chilly — 3, chopped.

Cumin powder — 2 tsp

Corriender powder — 1 tsp

Garam Masala — 1 tsp

Turmeric powder– 1/2 tb sp ( optional)

Black Salt – 1 tsp

Salt — add to taste

Sugar — 1.5 tsp.

Gram flour – 5 tb sp

Rice Powder– 1tb sp

Oil to fry the chops.

How to cook
1. Soak the Soya Chunks in drinking water for 30 mins.Then cut the swelled soya chunks into small pieces.
2. Smash the boiled potatoes.

3. Mix the soya pieces and smashed potato very well. Add black salt, then add the normal salt as much necessary.

4. Heat oil in a pan.  Add the finely chopped tomato and saute it till the tomatoes become soft and mix well with the oil.

5. Now add the Onion, garlic and ginger paste along with chilly pieces.  Mix all these ingredients with a spatula well. Add turmeric and all other ingredients to it. Saute the masala till the oil begins to get separated from the mixture. 

6.  Then put the potato-soya mix with it in the pan.Mix them well in a low flame for 10 mins. Your stuffing for the chop is ready now.

7. Now prepare a batter mixing gram flour, salt and a tb sp powdered rice. water should be mixed slowly in such a way that it should make a thick batter.

8. Make small balls with the paste, dip into the batter so that each ball is coated well. Go for deep fry.

9. Serve with green chutney.

​Gandharaj Chicken Kebab

In Bengali ‘Gandharaj‘ means the king of smell.  There is a white flower called Gandharaj with a strong refreshing lemon-like smell. The lemon called Gandharaj is different from normal lemon in size, shape and taste. We Bengalis use this lemon on some specific dishes because of its exclusive smell. It tastes best when mixed with Biuli Daal and Aloo Posto, even plain white rice becomes aristocratically aromatic if a few Gandharaj   Lemon leaves are added to it while hot. 

Now, if this tangy, refreshing Gandharaj is added with chicken and melts within our mouth  leaving both our taste buds and oculomotor nerves mesmerised ,what do one cares!!

Here is my recipe of Gandharaj Chicken Kebab and it’s exclusive.

Ingredients :

Boneless Chicken500 gm.

Gandharaj Lemon – 1 whole cut into 8 pieces.

Gandharaj Lemon Juice- 2 tb sp.

Ginger  Paste – 1 tb sp

Garlic Paste – 1 tsp.

Onion Paste – 4 tb sp

Sour Curd – 3 tb sp

Cumin and Coriander powder- 1tsp each.

Garam Masala- 1 tsp.

Ajwain Powder- 1 tsp.

Grated Cheese- 4 tb sp.

Kashmiri Lal Mirch Powder – 1/2 tb sp.

Salt – 1 tsp.

How to Cook:

1, Mix all the ingredients with the boneless chicken.

2. Marinate for 2 hours.

3. Grill the chicken pieces in a 270 degree  Fahrenheit preheated oven for 10-12 mins.

4. Brush the pieces with white oil after 5 mins.

5. Wait for 5 mins then take out the kebabs and serve with sliced onion and green chilly.

Kachki Chochchori

Kachki fish is commonly known as ” Ganges river sprat “. It looks almost like “Chuno Machh”– small fish but they look very transparent, transparent like glass. We bengalies call ‘glass’ as ‘kanch’. I think the name ‘ Kachki’ is originated from ‘kanch’ because of its transparent look. However, this recipe is very popular as a Dhakai ( Bangladeshi) dish. I first tasted it at ‘ Kasturi’ – a Dhakai Restaurant  in Kolkata and I fell in love with Kachki. People who love to savour fish delicacies but are afraid of its bones, can easily go for this dish. No bones, no scales…no fishy affair.

I have cooked it in my way as my family like it a little hot (rich in chilly) and dry.


Ingredients :

Kachki Fish – 500 gms.

Potato – 2 big.( cut into long pieces like french fries)

Tomato – 2 medium,  chopped.

Onion – 2 big, finely chopped.

Garlic- 5/6 cloves. Pasted.

Green Chilly – 6/7 pieces. slited.

Coriander leaves.

Turmaric Powder- 3 tbsp.

Salt – 2 tsp.

Cumin Powder- 2 tsp.

Mustard Oil – 4 tbsp.

How to Cook

1. First clean the fish under running water and put it in a strainer so that extra water will go out.  Now, add 1.5 tbsp turmaric powder and 1/2 tbsp salt to it and mix well. Keep it for 20 mins.
2. Heat oil in an wok. Add slited chillies and garlic paste to it. Then add chopped tomatoes, onion and potatoes. Add the rest amount of  turmaric powder and salt to it. Now mix all these slowly with a cooking spud till the oil separates.
3. Drain the excess turmaric and salty water from  the Kachki fish and add the fish to this mixture in the wok.
4. Saute delicately so that the fish donot break. Kachki is vey soft. Put the oven in medium flame and saute for 10 mins.
5. sprinkle cumin powder and close the wok with a lid. put the flame  lowest.  let it be cooked for 10/12 mins ( stir in between).
6. Pour the cooked fish in a bowl. Sprinkle some chopped corriender leaves and close the lid for 10 mins.
7.  Now open the lid….. ummmmmh….the smell will say…Kachki is ready to eat.
8. It is tasted best with white fluffy rice.

Pressure Cooker Biryani: If you hear the whistle blow..


If you hear the whistle blow..
( Courtesy : Great Chef Mrs. Padma Das)


Basmati rice: 1kg( soak for 40 mins, then drain the water and keep it aside)

Chicken :600grams

Onion- 4 big pcs

Garlic, 12 cloves

Ginger 2 inches

Tomato -1 pc.

( onion, garlic, ginger, tomato and green chili are to make a paste)

Milk : 200ml

Garam masala:  20 gm

Biryani masala ( Preferably Everest):

4 tb sp

Saffron : 2 pinch. ( soak it in milk for 30 mins)

Meetha ataar:  5drps,

Rose water: 4tb sp ( edible)

Keora Water: 2 tb sp

Turmeric powder, salt, sugar and white oil as per taste.


Put 4 tb sp of white oil in a wok. Heat it. Add 2 tea sp of sugar and let it turn into a brown colour liquid.


Now fry the potato pieces in that oil. Saute till the potatoes are caramelised.


Take out the tinted potatoes out of the oil. Now add the onion, tomato, ginger, garlic and green chili paste to the hot oil.


Mix tarmaric powder, Garam Masala, Biriyani Masala, Sugar and salt. Saute the mixture in a sim flame. Fry till the oil separates from the spices.


Now add the marinated chicken to the mixed spices and saute till the spices mix well with the chicken pieces. Now the chicken is ready.


In a pressure cooker, put some wet rice and make a layer, put spiced chicken and potato in the next layer,


cover this layer with the left wet rice.( If you feel, add required sugar and salt to it.)


Now add 3/4drops of Meetha Ataar, Rose water, and Keora Water, add soaked saffron and milk. Now put water to it. Keep the water level one inch above the mixed rice.


Close the lid of the pressure cooker. Put the cooker in the full flame. Put off the oven after one whistle. Wait till the full pressure releases naturally.  Open the lid and serve the Biriyani with green salad.


Just enjoy this Mughlai Dish in your own way.

White Chicken


White Chicken

Ingredients :-

Chicken- 500 gm. (with bone)
Curd – 200 gm.
Poppy Seed -150 gm ( paste)
White Oil – 4 tb sp full
Garlic – 12 cloves paste.
Onion paste – 1 tea spoonful
Ginger -1/2 tea spoonful
Green Chilli – 3 whole paste

How to Cook:

First clean the chicken pieces, pat dry. Then fry the pieces till light brown. Now marinate the pieces of chicken in spice paste, add a tea spoonful of salt. Prick the chicken pieces with fork so that the spices can make them softer and tastier. Put it aside for 3 hrs.
Now heat a pan, put the chicken along with spices into it. Whip the curd and poppy seed paste together.Mix it with the chicken. Cover with a lid. let it boil, then put the flame at sim. Cook it for 30 mins. Add water and salt if needed. Wait till the oil comes over the gravy. A blended smell of garlic and curd is its speciality.
It can be served with Roti or Jeera Rice.

Coconut Prawn Rice : Indian Rice

My son is very much fond of Prawn Malai Curry. But cooking it every week makes me disoriented. I feel like I am doing injustice to all the ingredients with innumerable capabilities using them in the same way again and again. So I tried this one…Riblu liked it too much. A mini discovery…

Coconut Prawn Rice with Prawn Masala

Ingredients :

Basmati Rice 500gm.
Coconut Milk 2 cups
Onion paste 2 tbsp
Garlic paste 1teasp
Ginger paste 1 tea sp
Shrimp 200 gms
Garam Masala whole 1 tb sp
sugar and Salt to taste
white Oil 2 tb sp
tarmaric powder 1 tea sp
red chili powder 1/3 tea sp

How to cook:

Step 1:

Soak the Basmati Rice in water for 40 mins. Fry the shrimps with tarmaric powder and salt ; keep aside. Add onion, garlic and ginger paste to the heated oil in a pan. Saute till the oil separates.
Add chili powder,salt and sugar to the taste. Now add the shrimps and mix well. Saute for 5 mins then keep the pan aside.

Step 2 :

Wash the rice.  Put it in a bowl. Mix the cooked prawn to it. Now pour the coconut milk. Then take a pressure cooker.  Put One tb spoon oil to it. Add the Garam Masala Whole to it. Saute for a few mins. A spicy flavour will come. Now add the prepared rice to it. Add water.  Water level will be 1 inch above the rice level.You may add sugar and salt according to your taste. Now put the pressure cooker on the oven. Switch off the oven after one whistle. Wait till the whole pressure is released. Open the cooker after 30 mins approximately. Coconut Prawn Rice is ready. It can be served with  Masala Prawn. That recipe I will write down soon.